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C4CP (Police Update - May 16, 2015)

posted May 18, 2015, 5:07 AM by Village Hollow   [ updated May 18, 2015, 5:08 AM ]
As of 5/16/15 both Adamstown and West Cocalico Twp. officials have formally stated their intent to stop participation in the Cocalico Regional Police advisory committee and have both stated they are actively looking for neighboring police organizations to provide police services.  Both have talked to Spring Twp. in Berks Co. and both have talked to other departments but won’t disclose who they are.
Denver and East Cocalico Twp. will continue meeting to further create a two municipality regional police force.  WCT supervisors meet this Tuesday morning (5/19) unless they suddenly reschedule the meeting due to election day.   Residents are encouraged to attend every township meeting as the supervisors words and actions strongly point to a severe lack of trust for the ECT supervisors personally but appear to be willing to throw the current police officers and their families out on the streets because a group of disgruntled men won’t attempt to find a way to get along with each other.
Unless they have their attitudes changed, all citizenry attempts to tell them the importance of the service the current police officers provide, (which is what the WCT residents have stated almost unanimously), has and will continue to fall on deaf ears.  Now is the time to tell your neighbors and friends, because in 2-3 mos. it will be done and over if these stubborn old men have their way.  WCT will be getting some other style of police service come January 1st.  It could be the State police who do an occasional drive-thru or a PPU (paid police units) where you purchase so many hours of service hoping that something serious doesn’t happen to chew up your allocation of hours.  If WCT runs out of allocated hours, you have no regular patrol rime until the “borrowed” hours are made up to the other participating municipalities in the regional police group.  This is not the way to go, and nowhere near the type of full response service you currently enjoy. 
These supervisors are ignoring the WCT citizens and hiding under an excuse of large manipulated artificial future pension and medical costs they say will raise taxes.  You have had your taxes raised in the past, and cheaper police protection will not stop the tax increases in the future.  They budgeted $300K for a bridge replacement two years ago and never even had engineering or estimates submitted. 
One supervisor, Jacque Smith, will be leaving office on Jan 2016, but by then, he, Terry Sheetz and JJ Stoner will have destroyed the police organization as it exists.  The call to action is now.  The first Thursday night of the month and the third Tuesday morning of the month are the scheduled meeting dates. You need to be there and remind these guys who they work for.  I understand they are pretty good at imposing ordinances in VH against the will of the people.See you there!